About Us

Tarragon Books, a regional independent press, promotes the work of Pacific Northwest novelists with lively stories and distinctive voices.  Tarragon Books publishes “fusion fiction” – stories both entertaining and thought-provoking, challenging  boundaries of genre and delineations of reality.

How does our geography affect our culture?  What qualities are unique to the Pacific Northwest, and how has our identity changed since we’ve become a melting-pot destination?  What do our novels reflect about our society and region, and the way we look at the world?

These are just some of the questions raised by the launch of Tarragon Books, as it joins the groundswell of small, independent publishers that are increasingly vital voices as the large commercial publishers merge into media conglomerates.  With the assistance of private patrons of the arts who saw the need to provide more exposure for regional novelists, the press is dedicated to the belief that well-written fiction can expand our horizons while telling a stimulating story.

Managing editor Sara Stamey, whose great-grandparents settled in “the far corner” on Puget Sound, has a broad background in the literary field.  Author of three novels from Berkley/Putnam Publishing of New York, freelance editor for writing clients, and creative writing faculty at Western Washington University, Stamey added the role of publisher at the urging of the Tarragon patrons.  Acting as editorial board, they selected Stamey’s paranormal-suspense novel Islands as the launch title for Tarragon Books.

“It’s been an exciting challenge,” says Stamey about the startup.  “We’ve gotten great encouragement and support from booksellers, librarians, academicians, and reviewers.  And, most important, from readers who love Islands and our second title Sedimental Journey, and are eager to see more.”